The UT village quest is a weekly event. Starting every Monday we compete in who that can take most villages. You get one village point for each village
conquered, and when you are in a group everyone gets one village point each. In the end of the week, the player with most Village points gets 50% of the total
village income. The first price and the weekly ranking will be posed on the website as it goes on.
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1st Plase -
2nd plase -
3rd place -



Back in 1999 Ultime Thule had an weekly event, the classic dungeon crawl "The Midnite Run". 10 years after this tradition is reborn in the world of Darkfall.
It was a great deal of fun, and everyone could join, noobs and veterans, and everyone would help eachother. Once a week we created a huge party and headed toward
a cave to kill everything. This became a huge event for UT and player killers though sosoria, everyone wanted to try the luck and slay this huge group of UT players.
This was not an easy task and most died when trying.