• 11.09.2009

    We now got a new city, Caxtla. The phoenix alliance has moved to caxtla aswell and will live with us on Yssam.

  • 09.09.2009

    NWO gave us a hell of a figth this monday, and it ended up with us loosing our city Mar Shral. And the hunt for a new city beggins.
    Here are the two videos made from the NWO's point of view.


  • We are now the proud owners of the city Mar Shral, located on the mainland of Agon. Be sure to read our City rules HERE

  • Ultima Thule is an old guild originally born in the lands of sosoria. For those of you that recognize the name of Sosoria you know that its the home of all UO players. Our guild was made in late 1998 by our great leader Kardinal Mondane, a man with a big heart for his guild and a dangerous sharp sword. In the beginning it was a rather small guild that in the years to come would grow to be one of the biggest guilds in Sosoria with over 600 members, at this time the guild was cut into smaller fractions to hold on to the essence of a smaller guild, and to specialize on different player stiles like PK'ing, adventuring, crafting etc. but we where always the same guild. But in the end, the most important subject in UT is to have fun.

Monster Houses
UT Leaders

Yggdrasil Blackclaw :
The guild leader of UT in Darkfall.

Shock Wave :
Leader of crafting, politics and war.

Kardinal Mondane :
Our spiritual leader

Server Status

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If you want to join Ultima Thule, send an e-mail to yggdrasil@ut-europa.com or use the application sheet below

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